West Hempstead Basketball League


League Rules – Abridged Game Rules - Fall 2018



Article I - Introduction:

i)          The rules of a regulation game of the West Hempstead Basketball League will be the same rules as a standard regulation NCAA basketball game, unless the rule is in conflict with, or supplemented by this document.

ii)         These are the abridged game rules summary.  Full league and game rules are in effect, and supersede this document.


Article II - Number of Players & Starting on Time:

i)          All teams will play with up to 4 players on the court at a time, with up to two substitutes per game.  A team may play with 3 players on the court, if they do not have 4 players.

ii)         If 4 players are not present for a team within 5 minutes of game time, there is a penalty (either play with 3 players, or wait longer and the other team receives 10 points).  The other team will also have possession of the ball at the start of both halves.


Article III – Prior & After the Game:

i)                    The HOME team will get to choose which direction of the court, their team will initially be shooting to (it will be automatically reversed in the 2nd half of the game).  The HOME team will wear the dark uniforms, and the AWAY team will wear the light uniforms. 

ii)         After the game, each team is responsible for any clean up on their team’s bench.

iii)        After the game, it is the responsibility of BOTH team captains to report the final score into the president at ariel@whbasketball.com along with any technical or flagrant fouls that occurred during the game.


Article IV - Game Start & Halftime Start:

i)                    The first half begins with a “tip off,” Whichever team does NOT control the first possession as a result of the tip-off, will receive the Possession Arrow in their direction. 

ii)                  Whichever team has the possession arrow at the end of first half, will receive the ball from the far end of the court to start the 2nd half.  The possession arrow will be reversed at the start of halftime.


Article V – Duration of Games / Game Time:

i)                    Games consist of two 20-minute halves, with a 3-minute halftime break. 

ii)                  For most of the game, the clock runs continuously, except during timeouts, and during technical fouls.  The clock will also stop if a ball is kicked far away from the players, at the referee’s discretion, or during an injury which would result in a lengthy delay of the game.

iii)                In the last minute of the first half, and in the last two minutes of the second half, and in the last minute of overtime, the clock is stopped:  a) When the ball goes out of bounds, b) On a foul, c) On a referee’s whistle – including traveling violations, technical fouls, or other. d) On a timeout   If a team is leading by 15 points or more, the clock still runs continuously.

iv)                Shot clock violation - 30 seconds.


Article VI – Timeouts:

i)                    Each team receives two timeouts in the 1st half and two timeouts in the 2nd half.  Timeouts do not carry over from half to half.

ii)                  Each team will receive one time-out in each overtime period played.

iii)                Any player currently on the court, plus the captain of the team may signal to the referee for a time out.  A referee must grant the timeout to be official (it is not when the player asks, it is when the referee grants it).  A team must have possession of the ball in order to call a timeout.

iv)                Each timeout lasts 30 seconds.


Article VII – Overtime:

i)                    Overtime will be 2 minutes long with 1 timeout per team.   (OT is Time permitting. If there is no time permitting, the game will be called a tie.)

ii)                  Teams will NOT change sides for overtime.  Tip off at center for possession of the ball.  The team that does not maintain possession, will get the possession arrow (as in the 1st half of the game).

iii)                In the regular season – The games ends after one overtime period.  If the game is still tied, the game will be declared a tie.

iv)        In the playoffs, there will be a second overtime periods if needed.  As at halftime, the team which has the possession arrow at the end of the first overtime will get possession of the ball to start the 2nd overtime, and the possession arrow will then flip.  Teams will NOT change sides for the 2nd overtime. 

v)         If the game is tied after the 2nd overtime, there will be a “shootout.” 


Article VIII – Fouls:

i)                    Players will be given 5 fouls per game.  If a player commits 5 fouls in a game, then that player is out of the game.  Technical fouls count towards the 5 fouls.  A player also fouls out if they commit 2 technical or flagrant fouls within a game, and must leave the building.  If the league jerseys do not have a name or number, this rule may not apply.

ii)                  If a player is fouled out, and there are only 3 players remaining, then that team will play with only 3 players for the rest of the game.  If another player fouls out, then that team forfeits the game.

iii)                Starting with the 7th team foul in each half, a bonus “1 and 1” shot will be given.  An offensive foul after the 6th team foul (starting with the 7th team foul) in the half will not be given a bonus “1 and 1” shot.

iv)                Starting with the 10th team foul of a half, a double bonus shot will be given.  An offensive foul after and including the 10th team foul in the half will be given a double bonus shot.

v)                  Starting with the 15th team foul of a half, a technical team foul will be given.  As double bonus shot will be awarded, plus the team will get to keep possession.

vi)                A technical foul will be awarded with a double bonus shot, plus the team gets to keep possession.  A technical foul may be shot by anyone currently playing on the court.  If there are two technical fouls for the same team - two double bonus shots – by two different players. 

vii)              For technical fouls to both teams at the same time, the fouls offset, and there will be no bonus shots awarded.  The team that has the possession arrow gets possession, and the possession arrow flips.

viii)            A team that commits four technical or flagrant fouls during the game, forfeits the game.

ix)                Technical fouls are subject to fines and/or suspensions.

x)                  Any player who is not wearing the official league jersey will result in a player technical foul to start the game for each such player infraction (the team also retains possession), plus the team will also be awarded the possession arrow.  Players who do not at the minimum wear the team color as the dominant solid color of their shirt, will NOT be allowed to play at all under any circumstance.

xi)                In the playoffs, no player can play unless he has an official league jersey.



Article IX – Other Rules:

i)                    The three point line will be used in the game, and any shot scored from beyond the line will count as three points. 

ii)                  If a player is fouled in the act of shooting behind the three point line, then he will receive three foul shots, instead of two.

iii)                Full court pressing is allowed, unless a team is leading by at least 20 points.   A violation of this is a Technical Foul.

iv)        The possession arrow rule will be in effect for a jump ball.  The team that has the possession arrow gets the ball, and the possession arrow then flips.



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