West Hempstead Basketball League

In association with the Hillcrest Softball League and the Hillcrest Football League

Commissioner : Ari Herskovits
E-mail :
President : Ariel Cohen
E-mail :


The spring league will run from September to December.

All players are required to sign a league waiver form. Please download, copy and print/sign a waiver, and bring to your first game.

We will be having both a men's full league, and a women's game.

Fall 2018 Season General Information:

1) League basketball games are on Sunday nights, and some select Saturday nights due to holidays or other events. We have secured permits.

2) The game times on Sunday nights for the men run between 7pm - 10pm approx. (and yes, we do start exactly on time). Games last approximately one hour.

3) Fall Season Start Date: October 7, 2018

4) We are going to be playing 4 on 4 full court with 2 substitutes. Two 20 minute halves. Full official rules are now on the website by looking at the sidebar.

5) Every team will be playing at least 8 games.

6) The cost for the league is posted below.

7) Enter the league as a team. For those who would like to join individually, please e-mail Ariel at ariel@whbasketball.com and we will try and put you on a team. For those teams who need an extra player - please let us know as well.

8) Payment can be made via PayPal by clicking on the link at League Payment Link (Make sure you give it as a "Gift", or PayPal will charge us a fee, which will be your responsibility). Cost of league, and League Fees listed in the next section.

9) As most of our costs are upfront, there will be NO refunds given this season for any reason - Men or Women.

League Fees:

- $960 per team, plus $15 per new or extra jersey (all players must weat a jersey).

Other Costs:

- New or extra Jersey is $15 each.

- League jerseys are required for all players to play. New players must buy new jerseys. If you forget your jersey, you must buy a new jersey to play (jerseys are available at games for purchase).

To Register for the league:

Registration is now currently OPEN.

- Email Ariel at ariel@whbasketball.com

- Fill out and sign a Waiver Form (available on the website menu bar), and bring it to your first game. This season, everyone must sign a new waiver form, even if you have played in the league previously.

- Let us know any shirt sizes that you need ordered.

- Submit a payment either by:

A) PayPal - Submit via PayPal by clickin on the link at League Payment Link (Make sure you give it as a "Gift", or PayPal charges us a small fee, which will be your obligation)

B) Cash or Check made out to "Cash" or "Ariel Cohen." I will give you instructions on where to send it.

Women's Game:

- We will be having a women's game, which occurs roughly every other week during the season.

- For a full schedule, please refer to the league schedule on the sidebar - TO BE DETERMINED.

- Cost of the women's game is to be determined. We will only run the women's game if we have 7 paying full-season regulars.

- Please contact Ariel Cohen for more info.

You are visitor number: 9611

For more information, please contact:
Commissioner : Ari Herskovits
E-mail :
President : Ariel Cohen
E-mail :